Truthful Ignorance

To contradict truth is to argue with stone
who lives in its firmness while hearing a tone
beyond mortal ears and their power to know
that truth is the substance of spiritual flow

into knowing the what’s and the why’s and the when’s
thereby coming to terms with beyond when time ends.
Have reverence for truth let your ignorance ride
in its chariot of fire in a world well inside

where your wisdom extinguishes much of the flame
before it erupts from your soul to bring shame.
The heart truly knows when an ignorant thought
is competing with wisdom and flirting with naught

but a time left to blush, recognizing the lack
of vision in time to permit you some slack
in the facing of judgment’s stern teaching what’s true
and how you let ignorance give you a cue

to act without thinking before you would know
how ignoring what God knows will leave you below.

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