Music & Wisdom

Spiritual thought is often expressed in tones of our hearts,
harmonic with feeling, our thinking’s alive when music starts.
Music is magic, the language of spirit, whose gentle sounds remind
of moments with feeling with words insufficient to help us find

a passion forgotten, a pleasure remembered, a tear once shed
in times of before when alone in our mind, our spirit was led
to places of vision where quick understanding of something profound
was ours to enjoy while feelings exploded in musical round.

When musical thoughts come a knocking to enter our feelings of pain,
they bring in their baskets rememberings sweet which had dormantly lain
asleep until needed, a gift from the past come alive in the now
to comfort the child who lay sleepless from worry and not knowing how

to summon the mother who sang oh so sweetly to bring on relief
when mortal confusions and misunderstandings were harboring grief.
We summon our music from memories laden with wisdom of old
when sweetness of melody, power of drum re-ignited the cold

silent flame of desire and the vigor for life in whatever is dealt
a soul up and dancing when hearing the tones for which courage is felt.
Love for the music that dwells within is a mark of wisdom’s presence.
Being wise as the serpents yet gentle as doves is your music in its essence.

Songs of the world dance with songs of the heart to oppose the burden of fear,
with music you more than just hear the Great Father — you feel his presence near.

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