From All Directions

A recollection came to mind while sitting in repose,
revisiting another time when fear in me arose,
while reading what your heart had written, my own feelings blurred,
expecting broken hopes and dreams while pondering each word.

A long song hinting tragedy and “stop before we start.
To go much further signals pain, lets stop and move apart.”
But quietly resounding to a harmony within,
the words flew by without the dreaded sorrow creeping in.

What’s this she’s saying? Seems to be the opposite of “no.”
A hope and dream, a wish’s scream and planting of a glow
arising in my chest you see as I continued on,
and suddenly my fears relented, disappointment gone.

“In this moment” you had written making eagles soar,
“out of this moment”, then I knew, my starving was no more.
With hands a-tremble in new directions, reading moved me on
to life’s excitement, holy yearning, portraits to be drawn.

The length of days in famine’s grip was coming to an end,
“I love you” script in shaking words was what you chose to send.

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