Pain Pursuit & Hidden Secrets

The path is remembering just who you might be
lit by your confusion by which you still see
thru darkness and grope with your fear of unknown
while pours in experience and my, how you’ve grown!

Evil has remedies while folly’s a chore,
for to chastise a fool is to scream at a door
that is locked by opinion, distrust and belief
in a magic quite borrowed to transport a grief

to a place deep inside where not even the fool
can access his secret over which him does rule.
When notions are foolish they’re hardest to see
for they govern conviction as to how one should be.

The secret tyrannical rules with a lie
the rudderless compass-less not knowing why.
To fix others’ pain is not yours to control,
to measure the standard is nobody’s role.

Let fixing be healing un-demanded by you,
but in the hands of Great Father when healing falls due.
Eruption of anger drives open the door
if only for moments that feeling can pour

from the source of the pain kept beneath lock and key
where lies the infection where no one can see.
The heart has pried open the door to the pain
so open with loudness the cry comes again

to be heard by Great Father whose whispering flows
through the doorway to touch what the agony knows.
Cease to be guilty and cease to find guilt.
Intention’s not relevant in what was built.

You punish yourself with a fear loud and shrill
that if you do not then for certain God will.
A punishing God exists not, don’t you see
that punish begins in the thoughts deep in Thee.

It is from our hunger that hunting is driven
as well from our seeking that finding is given.
Pursuit is a blessing in making one swift
yet to stand, not to flee gives your power great lift.

For what is perceived on the surface alone
may hide a great secret you may come to own.
The hidden contains very often the power
to overcome fear when the pain makes one cower.

From moment to moment we find we must choose
from things all quite visible though some we might lose.
Yet coming still closer may offer the key
where a concept much clearer is then plain to see.

As terror pursues can you not make a stand
take courage, know secrets, for freedom’s at hand.
So as you’re pursued know that such makes you swift
but with courage empowered as life’s grandest gift.

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