Inaction of Obedience

A sense of what’s just gives Old Evil alarm
with affliction and fear that He’ll no longer harm.
a crowd of believers all blinded by trust
who refuse to believe in a life merely just.

Their emphatic insistence to simply obey
paves the way for the Father to dividends pay
but in measures quite tiny for an impact so small
against Evil’s enticements to subjugate all.

The just are the warriors who drive Evil down
with their sense of plain goodness adorning their crown.
The blindly obedient give out nothing more
to the masses who struggle with life’s greatest chore.

When chance pays a visit and wants for an act
to occur in an instant with mighty impact
opportunity rises afresh and anew
with the time to seize action, responding on cue.

Tis the just who will triumph with ready intent
to do good to another to whom they’ve been sent.

The just know that moments are fleeting in time,
arriving all primed for response, not the crime
of inaction while pondering just what it’s all for   
and whether obedience is what’s wanted more.

The blind see temptation as part of the plan
while the just know that trial and failure makes man
an improvement in growing from where things did start
with seeking the goodness in everyone’s heart.

The time to do just can approach with a light
that is seen from afar in its glory and might.
Fear not to step forward and greet its approach
with the fruits of new learning inside in its coach.

When the time comes for justly behavior to win
ponder not how you’ll greet it, step forward; don’t sin
by submission to fear often trumpeted loud
to stay blinded securely obeying the crowd

and its thinking that blindness is virtue proclaimed
while goodness and mercy go blindly defamed.

When a time for an action has come and then gone
and you’ve taken no steps for what’s just, then you’re done
with the moment when yours was the chance to drive home
opposition to where the Old Evil does roam.

You can weep for the instant once yours but now passed
and to try to retrieve it will fail at the last
cause your blindness inhibits your sense of what’s right
as a chance to do good passes on out of sight.

What is now is important moreso than you know
if you seize not the moment you’ll not further grow.
To be just is worth more than to merely obey
with a blindness created in Old Evil’s way.

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