God Revealed

God dwells where you dwell and lives not “way up there”
where you cannot see what the world does not dare
to require of its monarch all gilded with praise
offered more out of fear than from love’s trusting gaze.

God won’t be seen by the preachers who think    
out of Bibles and other things written in ink
and proclaim what is law and by which God is known.
Such perceptions conclude that we’ll never have grown

to a place where our God and our lives are the same
with a fear that we might bring God down to our game
and destroy in our hearts our sweet hope for the rest
of an actual heaven when we’ve passed some test

that requires we live out a life with our doubts
unresolved, covered up with a faith’s blinded shouts;
that obedience is all that is needful in life
leaving growth and creating cut away with the knife

of self righteous acceptance of that which we know
gives us lazy excuses of why not to grow
toward knowledge, expansion of spirit and soul
and a measureless part of Creator’s grand whole.

Your Father knows all of the secrets that shame
your self-image and tarnish that which you can’t name
out of fear that Creator’s great mouth will condemn
and remove you from finding eternity’s gem.

Yet you’ll never see God face-to-face while you doubt
that with you all alone is what God is about.
Not a Bible, a prophet a preacher all knowing
will you need if you’re ready to get the flame glowing

of intimate knowledge of just who you are
in relation to Father who’s never been far
from your glance in a mirror to see such a face
as your own looking back at you out of His place.

For you must love yourself as the Father loves you
or you’ll not see in Him just what He see’s in you.
If you can’t love your life and the details therein
you will never perceive where God always comes in

and resides in your person, a place that belongs
to both you and your Father where the rights and the wrongs
all lay placed by the actions and thoughts of your days
as you trial and error your choices of ways

to both know and experience what God has in mind
with the moment-to-moment existence you’ll find
that the classroom of life has a plenty of texts
with which growing takes place as your Father expects.

To return to a place where you think He’s “up there”
is a foolish intent and a focus-less stare
into darkness where nothing is further away
than your mind where your God knows your soul at its play.

Your senses all physical number but five
yet within lie a dozen or more quite alive
but ignored by an intellect’s arrogant pose
of assumption quite guided by smugness’s nose

held up high where it blocks what the mind might perceive
through the senses all inner that do not deceive
but reflect what the Father within whispers dear
to restrain what the Ego assumes brings a fear.

Your body sends messages only to you
with a clearness as clear as a willingness to
listen up from within to interpret the feel
of a pain that’s electric with knowledge to heal.

Healing starts from within because that’s where you are
most of life — in your mind with your heart not too far
from a reading of pain or of pleasure to find
that a body and soul live divinely and bind

what the physical plane can not fully describe
without inner conviction with which you’ll imbibe
in a knowing that you are a part of your God,
not a separate being as so much has been jawed

about living but not being a part of the world
cause “He’s up there”, in judgment of what has been twirled
into motion and being all separate and cold
from the warmth of His bosom that never grows old.

You’ll only find God deep inside not without
where one cannot perceive what this whole thing’s about.
Take a look through the portal of self-pondered thought
and you’ll know God is real — which is just what you ought

to be doing in laboring year after year
toward what, without God at your helm’s inner ear
to confirm what is real and needful to know
and in ways of divinity — your own — will you grow.

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