From Slumber

Awakening slumber from morning’s fresh light
doth beckon to me from my place in the night,
reminding me softly that I’m really here
with songs of the dawn just pleasuring my ear.

I’m never alone in my corner of living.
Abundance surrounds with a generous giving
of substance and form to the life that is mine,
while the soul in its sanctum continues to dine

on the outer sensations and feelings within,
exploring with wonder the vast mortal din.
Aloneness is longing — they’re one and the same
the spark of desire igniting God’s game.

He gives to us souls three-dimensional suits
from which tangibility grasps at the roots
of existence – but only in one of its forms,
self-limited, thereby providing its norms.

By such God presents the wise venue for learning
how being connects with our eternal yearning.
To yearn from aloneness suggests how it’s wrong
to perceive we’re in life but don’t truly belong

to what is not like us yet still plays its part
in harmonious cadence with all in our heart.
In a time and a place where neither exist,
my moment with God in His Heavenly Mist,

was a thought given breath from a source so divine
with a glimpse of perfection for which I would pine.
From that instant forever was longing that grew
to a loneliness wanting to know what God knew.

The longing was needed to gather the force
required for entry to mortality’s course.
My longing and loneliness reached thru the veil
to the soul of another who agreed to travail

and sacrifice pleasure to take on the pain
of easing my longing to return once again.
A woman then offered her tangible portal,
a gift born of love that I might become mortal.

The awakening slumber of morning’s fresh light
doth beckon to me from my place in the night.
I open my eyes with remembering smile
my longing has brought me to earth for a while.

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