Life, Death & Belonging

    Belonging to life is not yours to decide,
    to deny you belong deny’s where you reside.
    As the river and sea are both separate yet one,
    all of life is within you — that’s how it was done.
    The here and the now is just where you reside,
    a part of totality — timeless inside.
    Yesterday’s slave is unable to grow
    but tomorrow’s free man is the one we should know.
    Claim back to yourself all the portions that be
    made from experience to portray all you see,
    that leads to the knowing of earth as it is
    as one with your being — not hers and not his.
    Living and dying are one and the same;
    one comes in then goes out as on plays the game;
    a continuous round where the soul does expand
    to growth and exploring to then understand
    that moments are moments which leave and return,
    for timely is timelessness making us yearn
    to find with each other to whom we belong
    and learning is trying without right or wrong.
    Experience is primary and stands as the goal
    to live life with power accepting the role
    designed with specifically just you in mind
    so God in entirety is what you will find.
    The life and the death are but one and the same
    as the sea is the river from whence we all came.

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