Retreat from mistaken ideas

Mistaken ideas come from a parallel reality
created by the collective spirit.
Mistaken ideas include at their source the words “guilt” and “culprit.”
The ego within you [and not you] is trying to place blame away from itself
whether blame actually exists or is even justified.

Blame only occurs when you go against your own nature
by following the rules and values of the collective spirit.
Sorrow and regret related to blame is erased upon recognition of your mistake
Then you begin receiving help from the Spirit
to heal the damage done.

The need for endless atonements and reparations does not exist.
Retreat from your doubts that suggest moving away
from the Spirit whose job is  to attend to you.
You will remain within the collective ego realm
so long as you continue to see any options in terms of opposites.

The collective spirit is a collective mind;
an actual communicative identity
that messages entirely in its own self-interest.
What the collective spirit calls your “animal nature”
is in reality your only nature.

You are not evil because of your nature.
resist the urge to defend yourself, to move away or to break all contact.
Such actions are in and of themselves a form of emotional balance.
Retreat from reliance on pre-structured programs
that are in conflict with your own inner truth.

Such will only produce conflict in your outer life.
 Do not undertake anything out of fear of guilt or punishment.