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How About a Published Copy of Your Journal?

My grandmother journaled daily for over 40 years. As a youngster I was fascinated by what she wrote. It was like reading stories that she seemed never had the time to tell me, unless I asked. It was my free access to her memories and there was no reason not travel into the past and learn more about who she was and who I am.

Grandma’s diary is one way generational knowledge is passed down within families and communities.

Personally I started many times to journal my life and am in the process of compiling and organizing my history into one volume which will eventually be published.

We invite you to do the same. We’re willing to edit and proofread your writings and, if you have not kept a journal, we’re willing to record your recollections and create a manuscript for publishing.

The cost of a single volume or a small number of copies for family and lived ones might surprise you. If you have memories you would like to share, contact us.